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Thank you for your donation in Japan!

During Dr.Ken Kobayashi's three-week trip in Japan, we received a lot of donations from many people. Thank you very much. The total amount of donations this time was ¥ 67,351.

With your great support, we will continue to move forward step by step.

This past memorial weekend, Volunteers gathered to clean and maintain the pathway leading to the 108 steps, the symbol of Honzo Haven.

The path is always muddy and steep due to the path of water in this area, so it is always a challenge to reach the stairs.

Volunteers, who had always been concerned about this area, spent a whole day cleaning it up in the midst of flying mosquitoes.

It must have been hard work, but they did their best with smiles on their faces.

Summer has finally arrived in the Catskills, New York!

We hope you will continue to support Honzo Haven.

Thank you for everything.



今回のご寄付の総額は¥ 67,351となりました。


ボランティアの有志たちが集まって、Honzo Havenのシンボルである108の階段に向かうための小道を、綺麗に整備してくださいました。




これからもHonzo Havenの活動を見守っていただけたら幸いです。

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