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The place where you can rebirth your true nature

Hands On

Latest Updates

Renderings of the Honzo Haven building

We are happy to report that we have received a building permit after almost 12 years! Here are renderings of the building.
Our hearts are full of gratitude for your warm support, including the construction of the 108 steps. Thank you very much. We look forward to seeing you near future!

Honzo Haven Rendering 1.png


Dr. Ken Kobayashi Ph.D 

Our Mission

We plan to construct a Terakoya-style cultural center called “Honzo Haven”. Terakoya style is known as “Hands On”. You can experience ancient wisdoms with your hands, eyes, ears etc., promoting self-healing from whatever imbalances you are burdened with whether they are emotional or physical.


My hope for Honzo Haven is that it will be a place where anyone can take refuge from life’s troubles, trauma DNA difficulties and find healing and peace. It will be a place for self-reflection, where you can return to the self by quieting the busy mind and by learning new ideas and discovering your own inner voice.


Honzo Haven will be a unique sanctuary where one can learn to find his or her own solutions with personalized attention, and receive treatments for particular ailments at the same time. It will be a place of healing for these challenged by cancer, divorce, bereavement, job loss or those who are simply struggling to find peace in difficult times.


Honzo Haven will be a place to find the grounded self with no attachments to the past, present, or future, wash away unnecessary desires and cravings and get back to full health, peace and happiness. I believe Honzo Haven will help you to restart your precious life with your rediscovered consciousness.


With much Love, Appreciation and Respect,    


Dr. Ken Kobayashi Ph.D
Director of Honzo Haven


This cultural community center (Non-profit Organization) located in the beautiful foothills of the Catskill Mountains, will be a place where you can learn self-healing from emotional, physical and psychological ailments with the support from nature and professional guidance.  

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