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Waiting for Spring to Come

It was mid-April, but it was still cold in the Catskills, and Dr. Ken and volunteers gathered to remove the cover of Honzo Haven's symbol108 steps.

Two little snakes that looked like a mother and son greeted us on the way to the 108 steps.

We removed the plastic wrap covering the stair railing to protect the wood, and then wiped the large heavy covers of the stairs dry, cleaning them as we went. If you listen carefully, you can hear the woodpeckers chattering happily.

After the covers were removed, the 108 steps that had endured the long winter seemed to be happy to be in the fresh air! The mountain air is exceptional.

Around the apple, plum, cherry, peach, and pine trees planted in 2020, we spread the best compost made from the years of horse, donkey, goat, and the bounty of Mother Nature. There are fences around the trees, but one of the trees had a powerful weed growing inside the fence, so we removed some of the fence, weeded it out from the roots, and took care of it. Weeds are powerful! The trees are growing steadily and nicely away at the weeds, and we are looking forward to seeing them produce colorful fruits someday!

It is the beginning of a new season!

4月中旬になりましたが、キャッツキルはまだまだ寒く、そんな中、ボランティアグループが集まり、Honzo Havenのシンボルである108階段のカバー外しを行いました。



2020年に植えたりんご、プラム、チェリー、ピーチ、松の木の周りに、馬さん、ロバさん、ヤギさんと大自然の恵みからできた堆肥を撒きました。3年以上熟成された最高の堆肥で、無臭です。ある1つの木が少し弱っていて、よく見てみると、その柵の中に沢山の強力な雑草が生えてきてしまい、雑草に栄養をとられてしまいました。柵を少し取り外して、根っこから雑草をとり、手入れをしました。雑草のパワーは強力です! 雑草に負けずと、日々、成長してくれている木々に、いつの日か、色とりどりの実をつけてくれるのが楽しみです!


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